Your ultimate guide to Greece

The best things to do selected by the Athens Voice team

Point Α © Christos Drazos

Athens summer “observatories” rest on the city’s flat-top buildings; hideaways ensconced in the embrace of the evening summer breeze.

An open palm gesture that does NOT signify love

A unique embrace of ruins under the Acropolis Museum traces Athens’ ancient past through the cent

The bright side of quality Greek music

Greece Photo Workshops is an upscale photography vacation initiative for people who share a passi

One of the most important archaeological sites in Greece

For drinks and bites

The largest and most important port of Greece

Swim and dance

On Thursday 20 June 2019 the Acropolis Museum celebrates its opening anniversary and ten years of operation with a se

Collections dedicated to the historic development of Islamic civilisation

A lifetime experience 

In a self-service joint that goes by the name of Kokkinos Lotos.

Nicely decorated and furnished rooms with double glazed windows

A great opportunity to meet similarly-minded travelers

Here is where politicians, businessmen, actors, artists enjoy their early meals and drinks

Α souvlaki place with a healthier twist


Soul/jazz/funk/reggae soundtrack and 30someting “easy” crowd


A terrace ideal for cocktail lovers

Beloved artistic jewellery gallery with a permanent showroom for Greek and foreign designers

The biggest department store in the city