Your ultimate guide to Greece

The best things to do selected by the Athens Voice team

A Greek improvisational dramatic solo dance for men

The most common offensive verbal abuse in Greek

I doubt that there is a nineteenth century building with a passageway attached to it

Foustanella, the traditional pleated kilt of Greece

Discover Athens with your kids

Small, cosy joints can sometimes go a long way as far as tradition and good food goes.

Sweet tastes of the city

Hailing from the Roman times, it is the main venue of the Athens festival

Explores the Asia Minor campaign, the Balkan Wars and the Greek forces in Korea

In a self-service joint that goes by the name of Kokkinos Lotos.

The easiest, most effortless way to get a taxi, quickly and reliably.

Clean and comfortable rooms that will cater to all medium-budget city travellers

Majestic and splendorous, it consistently makes the “top hotels of the world” list

Fine Mediterranean cuisine, served from noon till night

The restaurant of the design hotel “New” offers nice breakfasts


One of the most famous bar in Athens 


A classic bar that gathers arty types, politicians, journalists and bohemian urbanites

The elegant symmetry and austerity in the lines defines the company’s philosophy

The list of international design brands is pretty long but worth mentioning each entry