Your ultimate guide to Greece

The best things to do selected by the Athens Voice team

Point Α © Christos Drazos

Athens summer “observatories” rest on the city’s flat-top buildings; hideaways ensconced in the embrace of the evening summer breeze.

The new talk of the town is right beneath the Acropolis and 5´ away from the city center.

The bright side of quality Greek music

A Greek way of fun

The lifeblood of Greek society

With this guide you’ll be able to live as a local and escape from your budget.


Let's take a ride to Vouliagmeni and Varkiza.

 This form of small business has changed over time

Athens has its fair share of green oases

Explores the Asia Minor campaign, the Balkan Wars and the Greek forces in Korea

By far the largest archaeological museum in Greece

An oasis of green in the heart of the city.

Cine Paris. Together with Cine Thission, the most celebrated outdoor cinema of Athens.

Cool, smart, relaxed, reasonably-priced hotel

Renovated and elegantly simple

Contemporary Mediterranean cuisine in impressive surroundings

Mr. E is an aristocrat of today. Nobody sees him but you feel him. He embodies the culture of the island as a concept.


A cocktail bar with relaxing atmosphere

Multi-space concept sowing the seeds of good house music in Athens

Casual-chic watches, in pop colours, and a Premium line with luxurious design

A shop dedicated to the idea of making your bath beautiful and practical in any way