Your ultimate guide to Greece

The best things to do selected by the Athens Voice team

The garden of the Presidential Mansion

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Go through the black gate and experience the atmosphere of a bygone era

Bazeos Tower, Naxos.

Throughout its long history, Naxos Festival has maintained its orientation towar


5 organised beaches to take a dive before the summer holidays

A boy relaxes on the beach.

7 free-entrance beaches to take a dive before the summer holidays

Summer in Athens.

Summer in Athens is in the mood for old-style taverns, coffee shops, fresh fish, ice cream and popcorn in open-air cinemas

Greek food

Athens has generated a vibrant dine-out urban culture that proudly exhibits the country’s lavish

So much more than just retsina. How to impress your friends.


A sweet philosophy of scented creams, crispy crusts and intriguing toppings

Whatever your shopping tastes and needs, in Athens you’ll find everything money can buy.

The first residence of the first monarch of modern Greece

Hailing from the Roman times, it is the main venue of the Athens festival

Follow the rabbit to a charming yard, 2’ from Syntagma Square through the Merchants’ Passage for

"I Orea Hellas" (Beautiful Greece), in the Greek Cultural Centre, inside the Pandrosou Gallery.

Luxurious and situated opposite one of the biggest parks in the heart of Athens

By far one of the best roof gardens in Athens

Artisanal Greek products & Traditional Deli + Cuisine


Relaxed vibe, good music and young clientele


 Enjoy delicious cocktails in a bohemian cool environment


Outdoor café, perfect for enjoying your beverage in the company of chirping birds

Introducing the absolute country chic and modern chic

All the latest fragrances, plus all the alternative collections that set global trends