Your ultimate guide to Greece

The best things to do selected by the Athens Voice team

Point Α © Christos Drazos

Athens summer “observatories” rest on the city’s flat-top buildings; hideaways ensconced in the embrace of the evening summer breeze.

Mykonos, Greece, Crisis, Art, what do they all mean. You find yourself amidst an artistic platform. 

Sightseeing… off the beaten path

Greece Photo Workshops is an upscale photography vacation initiative for people who share a passi

Greece is one of the world’s oldest wine-producing region

Hidden treasures on the rooftops

The temple of fashionmongers, compulsive shop-goers, trendy types and the upper-middle class

By far the largest archaeological museum in Greece

Housed in an impressive neoclassical building

See a virtual preview of three Athens museums before arriving in Greece.

Take your other half to Lycabettus Hill

Luxury and convenience right across the National Gardens 

Helpful staff, casual vibe and a very attractive roof garden

Mediterranean cuisine combined with an amazing view to the Parthenon

Non-tourist food at surprisingly low prices


A lovely terrace for summer evenings

It has entertained numerous famous artists over the years

Exquisite furniture designs and home accessories that enhance our lounge mood

A great variety of small utility furniture