Your ultimate guide to Greece

The best things to do selected by the Athens Voice team

Point Α © Christos Drazos

Athens summer “observatories” rest on the city’s flat-top buildings; hideaways ensconced in the embrace of the evening summer breeze.

A Greek way of fun

A unique embrace of ruins under the Acropolis Museum traces Athens’ ancient past through the cent

They adorn Athens' city walls, buildings, statues, almost everywhere possible

I doubt that there is a nineteenth century building with a passageway attached to it

“Alternative culture is alive, especially around the square”

Welcome to its birthplace

A five star village built between 2 bridges

The “farmers” come from socially vulnerable groups.

A time travel to the everyday life, art, practices and customs of the Byzantine and Medieval periods of Greece

The third largest museum of ancient inscriptions in the world

An oasis of green in the heart of the city.

Every boat trip around Santorini, is a trip to Greece’s ancient and modern history.

Premium accommodation at the best price

The ideal place to relax

Classical Greek cuisine in a new form

Fine Mediterranean cuisine, served from noon till night


Vibrant all-day bar, with historically informed decorations


One of the most luxurious places in the city to enjoy a drink 

The must-have Swiss watch, you can’t stop at one

A rich selection of wallpapers and tapestries