Your ultimate guide to Greece

The best things to do selected by the Athens Voice team

Point Α © Christos Drazos

Athens summer “observatories” rest on the city’s flat-top buildings; hideaways ensconced in the embrace of the evening summer breeze.

A fusion of Turkish and Greek music

Greeks love to smoke

Sightseeing… off the beaten path

The traditional Greek charm

Take a walk on the wild side

One of the hotspots of summer

We look at some of the most impressive buildings in the iconic city of Athens

This site houses a museum with the most extensive collection of funereal artifacts in Greece

A picturesque private museum in the heart of Athens

In a self-service joint that goes by the name of Kokkinos Lotos.

A lifetime experience 

Comfortable aparthotel just a few minutes away from the National Gallery

Athens Hilton is a favourite—amongst locals and guests alike, this hotel is a hub for Athenian business, culture and social life. 

Enjoy delicious Mediterranean dishes under the stars

For the first time in Santorini Celebrity Chef Christoforos Peskias 


Classy bar-restaurant, serves a stand-out burger and a delicious brunch on Saturdays and Sundays.


The most popular gay club in Athens

A standard department store primarily selling clothes and satisfying most of the consumption needs of the modern Athenian

Greek Rue Cambon.Chanel, Blumarine, Galliano, Tom Ford