Your ultimate guide to Greece

The best things to do selected by the Athens Voice team

An open palm gesture that does NOT signify love

Where to buy fresh produce

The most common offensive verbal abuse in Greek

Mykonos, Greece, Crisis, Art, what do they all mean. You find yourself amidst an artistic platform. 

Have a break and satiate your appetite

Headbanging in Athens

Live your groove in Greece

Eating like a native Athenian

Also known as Kallimarmaron

Its permanent collection with more than 40,000 items offers a timeline of Greek history

Take the tram from Syntagma sq. to Flisvos Marina.

Perhaps the best ginger ale in Athens, made of lemon juice, natural lemon oil, ginger in crumbs,

Caters to a youthful, no-budget, adventurous clientele

Very popular among native Greeks and businesspeople alike

Authentic, healthy and tasty indian cuisine.

Total luxury with influences from the 70s


An impressive décor inspired by the interwar period.


A terrace ideal for cocktail lovers

Long experience in bathroom designing  from one of the biggest and oldest companies in the field

Successful through the years in the market of kitchen, bath and floors