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The Normalizing Machine, Mushon Zer-Aviv, Dan Stavy, Eran Weissenstern

The Normalizing Machine, Mushon Zer-Aviv, Dan Stavy, Eran Weissenstern © Stelios Tzetzias

25 unique pieces that are scattered throughout Pedion tou Areos park in Athens

Greeks love to smoke

The most cosmopolitan hotel experience you can have in Greece

Greece is one of the world’s oldest wine-producing region

The bright side of quality Greek music

They are daring, vocal and determined to show that Athens is a bike-friendly capital

Sip it up in beautiful surroundings

Your guide to the best summer concerts and DJ events in Athens

Housing a collection of over 3,000 works of art from from all phases of Cycladic, Ancient Greek and Cypriot art, this museum is dedicated to to the study and promotion of ancient cultures of the Aegean and Cyprus, with special emphasis on the Cycladic Art of the third millennium BC. Founded in 1986, using the collections of Nicholas and Dolly Goulandris, it evidences the various cultures that bloomed from the fourth century BC till the sixth AD in the Aegean Sea islands and the East Mediterranean. Of special interest is the glass-roofed corridor, connecting the modern building to the 19th century neoclassical mansion. Salvador Dali, Pablo Picasso, Thomas Struth, Louise Bourgeois, Sarah Lucas, Ugo Rondinone, and Jannis Kounellis are among the artists hosted.


The first residence of the first monarch of modern Greece

A lifetime experience 

In a self-service joint that goes by the name of Kokkinos Lotos.

Two modern holiday apartments centrally located on Ermou street in the heart of Athens

Large and luxurious, located opposite the Temple of Zeus

Renowned for its imaginative working of nouvelle Greek cuisine

The only place in Athens with a combination of mostly organic food and calorie counts in the menu


An impressive décor inspired by the interwar period.

All-day café/bar restaurant with versatile fun space

Some of the world’s most renowned home-designers’ brands are represented here

The atmosphere tranports you straight to Tanino Crisi’s store in Florence