Shopping Athenian Style

Whatever your shopping tastes and needs, in Athens you’ll find everything money can buy. From big shopping malls to small boutique shops, get ready to indulge yourself and take advantage of the summer sales until the end of August.

By Eleni Bezirianoglou, Maria Ioanna Sigalou

International Brands


Bright, minimal boutique
with small wonders.
Evangelismos: 17 Skoufa Str., Kolonaki, +302107290151


Chanel launched its new and first boutique, on the luxurious shopping street of Voukourestiou Street. The store is the spacious new home to all of CHANEL's artistic fashion director Virginie Viard's latest creations, including ready-to-wear, handbags, footwear and accessories, as well as watches, fine jewelry, optical goods, and the LES EXCLUSIFS DE CHANEL perfume collection.
Panepistimio: 13 Voukourestiou Str., Kolonaki, +30 2103606125

Enny Monaco

Mugler, Louboutin, Nina Ricci,
Zac Posen... shall we say more?
Syntagma: 4 Kriezotou Str., Kolonaki, +30 +30 210 7290805,
+30 210 3615800/ Tria Pigadia, Mykonos, +302289077100

Free Shop

Perfect T-shirts, unique jewellery
and accessories. A modern “Colette”.
Panepistimio: 17 Skoufa Str., +302103616200


Indulge yourself. Don’t forget
the Jackie ’O purse.
3 Venizelou Eleftheriou Str., Athens, +302103610870


Endless window shopping. Arty displays. Hermès.
Panepistimio: City Link, 1 Voukourestiou Str., Kolonaki, +302103233715

Louis Vuitton

Style does matter and this is
the real thing.
Panepistimio: 19 Voukourestiou Str., Kolonaki, +302103613938


Designer names from Lanvin and
Chloé to Cavalli and Stella McCartney. Not forgetting Yves Saint Laurent, Manolo Blahnik, Pucci and Jean Paul Gaultier.
Panepistimio: 15 Skoufa Str., Kolonaki, +302103635600,

Mah Jong

A store with excellent international brands. If you have a passion for KITON men’s suits, you will find them in a wide variety and surmesure. You will also find insuperable leather accessories from brands, such as Sartori, Santangelo, John Lobb shoes, Roda’s wonderful silk scarves and more. 
Panepistimio: 14 Kanari Str., Kolonaki, +302103622860

Off White​

Virgil Abloh’s Italian luxury fashion label is now in Athens. Fashionable items, accessories, jewelry for men, women, children.​
Syntagma: 5 Stadiou Str., +302103227728,


The Devil wears them and here you
too can purchase a small “devilish” piece. Then you might want
to change your name to Meryl.
Panepistimio: 17 Voukourestiou Str., Kolonaki, +302103388386


Glamorous clothes from famous exclusive brands like Topshop, Dries Van Noten, Marni. Vintage pieces can be found at the first address.
30 Panagiotou Anagnostopoulou Str., Kolonaki +302103610662


Cosmopolitan stores with youthful collections of underwear, beachwear and nightwear, enhanced every week with new items. For women, men
and kids.
Panepistimio: 28 Stadiou Str., +302103225469


Authentic, trendy and fashionable socks and beachwear for women, men and kids, in a highly competitive
quality / price ratio.
Syntagma: 30 Stadiou Str., +302103253125​ / 15 Patriarchou Ioakeim Str., Kolonaki


Amazing lingerie with simple, elegant Italian style, for both men and women.
5 Kanari Str., Kolonaki, +302103611883

Greek Designers

Daphne Valente

Daphne Valente designs timeless, sculptural clothes inspired by the Ancient Greek pleating of Mariano Fortuny. Minimal and very feminine, the clothes offer the epitome
of greek haute couture.
Syntagma: 3 Axarlian Athanasiou Str., +302103242260

Deux Hommes

The studio and showroom of Grigoris Triantafyllou and Dimitris Alexakis is the hottest place to find a limited
prêt-à-porter and the current
collection of the unbeatable duo.
Panepistimio: 18 Kanari Str., Kolonaki, +302103614155,


An innovative fashion brand that celebrates the “joie de vivre” of the global riviera. Established by Irène Mamfredos, a French designer, Kimalé merges bold African fabrics with clean and contemporary silhouettes. Limited edition clothes, jewelry and home accessories which playfully navigate between the colorful palette of African culture and the minimal side of contemporary fashion.
Panepistimio: 21 Mavromihali Str., Exarheia, Athens, +302130292865,


Orsalia Parthenis creates timeless fashion with a gender-bending, minimal feel and elegant Greek aesthetic. Premium basics in high quality fabrics, interspersed with statement pieces, create wardrobe staples for a refined and elevated everyday look.
Panepistimio: 20 Dimokritou & Tsakalof Str., Kolonaki, +302103633158,

Sophie Deloudi

Sophie Deloudi’s collections reflect her values
and principles on design and fashion: high quality, perfect lining, impeccable fitting, flawless finishing, clean shapes and discrete femininity. Elaborated, edged silhouettes and insinuated sensuousness integrate the pieces destined to
dress confident and elegant women on their way
to the beach. Its eras’ aura combines classic
design heritage of the past with a synchronous
point of view.
Syntagma: Attica City Link, 9 Panepistimiou Str., Athens, +302119900000,


Themis Zouganeli is the designer of the THEMIS - Z lifestyle brand, as well as a designer for Dior Maison and Atelier Swarovski. Inspired by her Greek heritage, Themis’ unique creativity lies in the simple, clean lines she applies to her designs and patterns. Geometric and repetitive designs revisited in a way that is sophisticated, timeless with just a hint of fresh luxury. These clean lines and patterns are incorporated into both home and fashion accessories.
Syntagma: 17 Valaoritou Str., Athens, +302103619446,

Yiorgos Eleftheriades Space (Flagship store)

Yiorgos Eleftheriades constructs in a mesmerizing way intellectual sartorial creations in graceful silhouettes whose dynamic nature consistently maintain balance together with fluidity. For many years, he has been cooperating with some of the most important directors and actors/actresses in Greece. The brand’s collections have been showcased in Athens, Milan,
Paris and Barcelona.
Evangelismos: 29 Tsakalof
& Voukourestiou Str.,
Kolonaki, +302103616272,

Zeus + Δione

This is the Greek Maison Hermes. Exeptionally tasteful clothes and accessories based on refined craftsmanship. Leather sandals, handbags and gold jewellery in wonderful designs made with high quality exclusivelly Greek materials. If you’re going to take home one quality souvenir from Athens, then go for this brand.
Syntagma: 6 Voukourestiou Str.,  +302103230132

Greek Design

Celia Kritharioti​

Haute Couture Collections to Bridal Collections, special collaborations and red carpet looks.​
Syntagma: 8 Dedalou Str., +302107255357


Modern & Classic Women's and Men's Lingerie, Swimwear & Beachwear, Pajamas, Nightwear, Loungewear, Tights, Accessories. Elegance, always keeping in mind the feminine creativity and the need of every woman to reveal her unique identity through the constant change, can always suggest the sensual material that will trigger her unique fantasies.
Evangelismos: 11 Patriarchou Ioakeim, Kolonaki, +302103222438,

Forget Me Not

A new style shop which aims to showcase some of the best contemporary Greek designers. The collections are continuously renewed with items from all the specter of design and applied arts and is a great success both with locals and with visitors who are looking for that different kind of souvenir to take home. Objects, gifts, souvenirs, fashion , books and handbags, sunglasses, t-shirts, stationery, a list which will satisfy any design lover.
Syntagma: 100 Adrianou Str.,
Plaka, +302103253740,

i-D Fine Jewellery  

i-D Fine Jewellery flagship boutique is located in the urban chic Kolonaki area in the center of Athens. Amazing jewelry, created by the most famous Greek and foreign designers, but also costume jewelry (these pieces that spice up your everyday outfits). Timeless quality, craftsmanship and design characterize each unique piece of art. They will help you create or enrich your jewellery collection, inform you about new trends and guide you with styling tips.
Evangelismos: 12 Kanari Str., Kolonaki, +302103221801

Lemisios Shoes

Lemisios is a lovely store that opened in the heart of Athens in 1912. Here, you can have the shoes of yours dreams thanks to their custom-made orders. You will also find high quality leather sandals and ballet flats better than Repettos! Lemisios shoes are not only exceptional, but a real fashion statement.
Panepistimio: 6 Likavittou Str., Athens, +302103611161, fb: lemisios shoes Since 1912

Vassilis Zoulias​

Greek fashion designer who respects and translates the historical implications that an outfit holds to today’s era, always respecting each time’s aura. Some of his creations are seen in Netflix series “Emily in Paris”.
Syntagma: 4 Akadimias Str., +302107225613


A “B.zero1” ring or an “Assioma”
watch are the must-have items,
if you want to invest in Bulgari.
Syntagma: 20 Voukourestiou Str., Kolonaki, +302103609400

You don’t have to be extra loaded to own a Cartier. This is where you can find the young collection “Entrelaces”, whose rings don’t cost much, as well
as the ultimate “Love” bracelets and rock “Marcello” bags.
Panepistimio: City Link, 7 Voukourestiou Str., Kolonaki, +302103313600,

Fanourakis Greek designer
LinaFanouraki’s jewellery is ultimately Greek spirited but does not resemble
at all the traditional ancient, like necklaces and wreaths. Using the prime materials of high-end goldsmithery, her work is modern and humorous but always classy.
Evangelismos: 23 Patriarchou Ioakim Str., Kolonaki, +302107211762

Ileana Makri Store

Ileana Makri is a well-known Greek jewelry designer. Her fine designs are inspired by a multitude of symbols that exist in popular Greek culture and their meanings, such as the beads that protect of the “evil eye”, the monks’ worry beads, iridescent beetles and bugs of the Greek nature, the sea urchin and more.
Evangelismos: 13-15 Patriarchou Ioakeim Str., +302107217982,


Diamonds and blues… Those aren’t icebergs – they’re diamond rings! Salesmen can be quite snobbish, but the quality is great. You’ll know the owner by his red glasses.
Syntagma: 8a Voukourestiou Str., +302103711020,


The heart of the internationally recognised jewellery house is located in Kolonaki. As IliasLalaounis says, “every jewel has its own history”, whether it begins in Mycenae or in Byzantium. We’ve seen Charlize
Theron wearing them.
SYNTAGMA: 6 Panepistimiou & Voukourestiou Str., +302103611371,

Liana Vourakis

Liana continues to honour the founding principles of her grandfather. Her collections combine fantasy and imagination along with a certain
sense of nostalgia.
42 Pindarou Str., Kolonaki, +302103619441,

Lito - Cabinet de Curiosités

Jewels that tell stories from long travel. Thailand, Arizona, India and Egypt.
A small private museum full of treasures with the Lito Karakostanoglou signature who transforms anything old into a modern rock suggestion.
Panepistimio: 25 Irodotou Str., Kolonaki, +302107295177

Marianna Petridi

Beloved artistic jewellery gallery
with a permanent showroom
for Greek and foreign designers.
Evangelismos: 34 Charitos Str., Kolonaki, +302107217789

Minas Designs

“Harmony pre-exists in every one of us, since each of us, hides within himself the need for harmony”. That is the philosophy behind each unique piece of Minas Designs with a heritage of 57 years. Discover the most desirable vintage all-time classic jewels in both gold and silver. Elevate your style with elegant, classic pieces and unparalleled masterpieces. You can choose among pendants, bracelets, rings, cuffs, chockers, etc., or just wear them all together-the more, the merrier. This summer, let’s unveil the extraordinary and ultimately rock world of Minas Desings. Undoubtedly, the first choice among the trendy youth.
KIFISSIA: 8 Emmanouil Benaki Str., Kifissia, +302106233577,


Code: colour. The must-have Swiss watch,
you can’t stop at one.
Syntagma: 5 Hermou Str., +302103313833,

Shopping Centres


360 shops in a shop. Upmarket department store,
the biggest in the city. A comprehensive selection of designer wear (Armani, Burberry, Juicy Couture, Missoni, etc.), casual brands, accessories, exclusive Joe Malone and Molton Brown distributor.
A great view from the 6th floor café, and full
beauty treatment on the 4th floor.
Syntagma: 9 Panepistimiou Str.,

Golden Hall

Luxurious shopping center with expensive brands, clothes, accessories, jewelry, sportswear, cosmetics, art objects, Doudesis hair salon,
Mastic Spa for special beauty treatment and more. Be warned: it gets extremely crowded on a Saturday.
37A Kifisias Av., Marousi, +302106803450,

Hondos Center

It can provide you with everything you need, for your season shopping or just for a tiny elegant gift.
Or go straight to the roof garden, for tasty traditional Greek cuisine, and the most beautiful view.
Omonia: 4 Omonia Sq, +302105282800,

Notos Galleries

A standard department store primarily selling clothes and satisfying most of the consumption needs of the modern Athenian. Clothes, shoes, underwear, accessories, sportswear, toys.
Omonia: 99 Eolou & Lykourgou Str., +302103245811,

Designer Outlet Athens

A mega store filled with popular brand names in clothing, shoes, accessories and household goods with 35 to 70% discount.
+302106630840, more information on

The Mall Athens

200 shops within a shop, the Village cinema complex, restaurants and cafés and a super market, all wrapped up in a futuristic design with a roof garden offering an amazing view.
 NERATZIOTISSA: 35 Andrea Papandreou Str., Maroussi, +302106300000-003,

Beauty -Care Cosmetics

Natural Greek skincare and beauty products with exclusively natural and/or certified organic ingredients of best quality.​
Syntagma: 4 Hermou Str., +302103210054

Mastiha Shop

Mastic is a unique natural product that can be found only on the Greek island of Chios. The brand’s collaboration with Korres has developed exceptional products such as the mastic conditioner with mastic oil and provitamins.
Panepistimio: 6 Panepistimiou & Kriezotou Str., +302103632750

Naxos Apothecary

Four in-house contemporary laboratories (Homeopathy, Phytotherapy, herbal Cosmetic and Nutrition) operate in fully controlled environments creating everything
your body needs.
Syntagma: 3-5 Kolokotroni Str., +302107222774


All the latest fragrances, plus all the alternative collections that set global trends: Make up for ever, Sephora Products, Strivectin, OPI.
Syntagma: 24 Ermou Str.,
+302103313167/ 2 Milioni Str.,
Kolonaki, +302103613051/
The Mall Athens, Marousi, +302106300125

The APIVITA Experience Store

A renovated neo-classical building designed to offer a unique and holistic experience, this is Athens’s top destination for natural cosmetics,
SPA treatments, “green” hair salon and organic juice bar to refresh and energize. Discover the “natural pharmacy” where the specialists can help you create your own personal cosmetics and of course, the BEEHIVE SPA, a real beehive spa sanctuary!
The spa cabins are made of real wooden bee hive parts and the ceiling is made of honey tinted crystal elements that literally immerse the visitor in the bee world. 
Syntagma: 6 Solonos Str., Kolonaki, +302103640560

Hair Salons

D. Frank

Hair cuts, coiffures, flashes, colours, everything a classical hair salon offers, as well as lots of surprises. Fragiskos is still the top Scissorhands.
Syntagma: 50 Sina & Anagnostopoulou Str., Kolonaki, +302103603298

Georgios Doudessis

GeorgiosDoudesis’ professionalism and modern aesthetics changed the world view of Athenian hairsalons forever.
Syntagma: 39 Voukourestiou Str., Kolonaki, +302103629960,

Vangelis Hatzis

The best hairdresser in town. He will give you the style and haircut you didn't know you wanted but absolutely needed. The most luxurious service. Slightly specialised in natural-looking blonde colours. But don’t even think of turning up without an appointment.
196 Kifissias Av., Psichiko, +302106755664,

Made in Greece


Established in 1960, the Savapile handmade hats’ workshop is still on the same narrow alley of Psyrri neighborhood, where Lisa creates floppy dreams of “straw”. Apart from the straw hats, Savapile’s reputation grew for its naval caps, commonly known as “the Zorba hat”. However, the undisputed trademark of Savapile is the oversized hats, staples of summer and female allure that Lisa sews in her sewing machine.
MONASTIRAKI: 4 Agias Eleousis Str., Psyrri, +302103217087


The Athenian awnings have been an integral part of the city’s architecture, its trademark someone can tell.
A piece of canvas that reflects the very texture of urban reality. 3QUARTERS turned this unique trademark into fashionable handmade handbags. Reuse, redefine, redesign. There is beauty in everything, throw nothing away. The message is clear. The result: beautiful, one-of-a-kind handbags made by old awnings’ canvas.
MONASTIRAKI: 19 Agiou Dimitriou Str., Psyrri, +302111832311, 

Basic Tips

The official sales periods are mid-January to mid-February and mid-July until the end of August.

Where to shop
Downtown is the place to be, whether you are looking for brand names or small vintage shops and second-hand stores.
Plaka, the foremost tourist area,is the standard place to buy memorabilia.
Nearby, Monastiraki is home to a famous Athenian flea market. Visitors will lose themselves in a huge variety of shops that appeal to aficionados of records, jewellery, clothes, shoes and all things vintage.
This is an area in which haggling is accepted by the playful and friendly shop owners. Between Monastiraki sq. and Omonia sq., one comes across the Athens Central Market, a good place to buy some local herbs.
Ermou street is by far the most celebrated shopping street: a pedestrian street with large windows and a great variety of goodies, from clothes and jewellery to shoes and gifts. But when it comes to expensive brand
Kolonaki is the perfect place to be. Luxury clothing, high prices and impeccably dressed customers are the norm here.

Keep in mind:
Pay a visit to the New Benaki Museum (138 Pireos Str.); its Greek handmade jewellery is a delight.
Buy a small figurine in the gift shop  of the Cycladic Art Museum (Vasilissis Sofias & 1 Irodotou Str.).
Clothes and accessories by Ioanna Kourbela and Zeus + Dione rate among the most elegant examples of Greek design.
Try to do your shopping in the morning.
You will come across all the major international brands on Voukourestiou Str. Shopping centres Attica (9 Panepistimiou str., Athens city center) and Golden Hall (37A Kifissias Av., Maroussi) sport
the widest variety of shops
If you have time to kill, have a look at the interesting markets of Kifissia (northern suburbs) and Glyfada(southern suburbs).

Opening Hours!

Except for the tourist hotspots, like Plaka, most shops are closed on Sundays and National Holidays, with the exception of flower shops, patisseries, liquor stores and the like.

Official business opening hours are 09:00-21:00 on weekdays (09:00-20:00 on Sat).

However, many smaller businesses keep
the older working hours (closed after 15:00
on Mon, Wed, Sat and between 14:30 and
17:30 on Tue, Thu, Fri).


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