Sweet cravings

By Nenela Georgele & Katerina Vnatsiou

Add sweetness to every stop on your journey with all of the treats Athens has to offer. Desserts are everywhere to be found in this lively city –whether in family-run pastry shops, park cantinas, museum garden cafés, or high-end patisseries, there is no shortage of places to satisfy a sweet tooth– and no shortage of variety, either.

Try time-honored traditional Greek sweets like baklava and kataifi, or greet the world on your plate with authentic Italian gelato and Parisian-level pastries. The choices are endless. Live like a true Athenian, and experience an incredible display of options in every corner of the city – what better way to end a leisurely lunch or accompany a Greek coffee than a mouthwatering dessert?

Greek Delights

Nuts, almonds, cinnamon, cloves and syrup. One of the most popular pastry desserts.

Deep fried honey rolls served with nuts.

Another popular sweet. A pie filledwith custard and then doused in vanilla syrup.

Glyka koutaliou
Various Greek fruits preserved in thick sugary syrup. They come in small jars and are an ideal gift for friends back home.

A fudge made with sesame seed paste, sesame oil and sugar. It is offered as a dessert in many tavernas, after the end of a meal.

Deep fried little doughnuts served with honey, syrup or ice cream.

Rice pudding made of rice boiled in milk, sugar and vanilla, sprinkled with cinnamon. You can find it in dairies and super markets.

Arte Athens​

A delicious display of colors and flavors of authentic Italian gelato with a twist of Greek tradition. Try the cream with wild cherries or the chocolate sorbet and definitely the crushing Catalino with its three layers of salty caramel.
16 Tripodon Str., Plaka, artegelato.gr
FB: Arte Athens, Insta: @arte_athens


It was Choureal that first brought the magic of custom-made profiteroles to Athens – and its fresh, handmade pastries have left an indelible mark on the culinary world of the city. For divine eclairs and profiteroles you can customise to your tastes, this patisserie provides the ultimate indulgences to those who visit.
18 Ermou & 2 Diomeias Str., Syntagma, +302103317883 / 2 Ifikratous, Halandri, +302106839913


A pastry shop that originated in Chania, Crete, Kookoovaya’s legendary sweets grew so popular that they can now also be found right in the centre of Athens, only walking distance from the Monastiraki and the Acropolis. Irresistible and made with love, get a taste of time-honoured Cretan traditions and try Kookoovaya’s many desserts, from ekmek kataifi to millefeuille to mosaiko, the coveted chocolate treat of many Greek peoples’ childhoods. If you’re feeling especially sinful, the notorious zoumero chocolate cake will not disappoint.

1 Skouze Str., Syntagma, +302103318700

Le Greche ​

This is one of the most famous ice-cream shops in Athens. Here you are going to try pure, absolutely fantastic handmade ice cream in many flavors. It’s probably the most tasteful ice cream you have ever taste. You should definitely try it.
16 Mitropoleos, Syntagma, +302167006458/ 456 Mesogeion, Agia Paraskevi, +302100101617/220 Olimpionikon & Lykourgou, Neo Psychiko, +302130416299/ Flagstore +302167006416
New Address Acropolis: 16 Andrea
Syggrou Av., +302109244989

Madame Fraise ​

The first ghost pastry shop of Athens was set up by two exceptional and well-traveled pastry chefs who make amazing desserts, classic but also modern, while some of them are even sugar-free following the plant-based philosophy. You order them through Wolt app or through take away.
225 Ymittou Str., Pagkrati, +302114186086

Sweet Alchemy

The pastry chef who has changed the face of confectionary in Greece, Stelios Parliaros, studied art and pastry-making in France. Author of eight books, since 2008 Parliaros has hosted the weekly Greek TV show “Sweet Alchemies”. He has rightfully earned the title of the top Greek chef pâtissier. 24 Irodotou Str., Kolonaki, 2107240205


With a history that dates back to 1892, Varsos pastries have grown many Greek generations. Enjoy your breakfast surrounded by the lavish greenery of its garden and explore memorable sweet flavors of traditional pastry, such as “galaktoboureko” or the “rizogalo”. A unique array of ice creams gives your taste buds an extra thrill.
5 Kassaveti Str., Kifisia, +302108012472, varsos.gr, Fb: varsoskifisia, Insta: varsos_kifisia_1892


Here you will find every dessert you have ever dreamed! Cakes, ice creams, pastes, many sweets without sugar, always fresh, with an emphasis on raw materials. Zuccherino has many shops around Athens, but you can see and order the desserts through their eshop: zuccherino.gr, +302109830869  

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