The 12 top beaches in Attica (Part 1)

Discover the top 7 free-entrance beaches located just a few kilometres from the centre of Athens,

Free and beautiful


Taking the coastal highway to Glyfada, you will see the sign “Glyfada” on your right. Turn right and start looking for parking. The beach is wide and sandy, with a few stones on the seashore. There are free straw umbrellas, unfortunately not enough for everyone, and a lifeguard. On Sundays, the beach is very popular, vendors are selling soft drinks and beers, and very often there is an ice cream vendor. Continuing on the same road, at about 500 m. you will find a second, less crowded beach.

Mikro Kavouri

Immediately after the beach of Voula, turn right at the sign “Kavouri”. Looking towards the sea, to the right of the Divani Hotel, you will see two sandy beaches and three more on the left. All of them have shallow waters and are ideal for families, while the staff from adjacent coffee bars will happily take your order.


Immediately after the beach of Vouliagmeni and just opposite the homonymous lake, you will find the first cove followed by two more, the third one being nude-friendly. These are small bays with rocks from which you will dive into the sea. All three of them are quite famous and crowded, but you can find more coves along the route, where you are likely to have more privacy – mind your step on the way down.

KAPE, Legrena

Immediately after the settlement of Harakas and just before Legrena, on the road to Sounio, turn right at the sign “KAPE Property”. Drive along the dirt road for a short distance and park. If you have not been here before, on weekdays when it is not very crowded, you will certainly wonder how is it possible that such a lovely beach exists just one hour (by car) from the centre of Athens. Looking towards the sea on the right there is a second, nude-friendly beach. Make sure to bring supplies with you.

Althea (Skalakia, Agia Marina), Koropi

Immediately after Varkiza, at the beginning of the Municipality of Kropia, you will surely be impressed by this small bay that will remind you a bit of the Cyclades. To get to the beach, you will go down a few stairs. Don’t forget to bring along supplies!

Erotospilia, Porto Rafti

A sandy beach with rocks, shady spots with trees and small caves just one kilometre away from Porto Rafti. If you don't like crowded places, avoid visiting this beach on weekends. There is also a quite crowded beach bar.

Alepochori and Psatha, Vilia, Attica

On the other side of Attica, towards the west, at a distance of about 60 km from Athens. Both beaches are very large, with cool waters, organized areas with sunbeds and umbrellas, and a lot of free space to lay your towel. At the edge of Psatha, you will also find nice taverns on the edge of Psatha, with tables on the seashore.

Discover the top 8 organised beaches located just a few kilometres from the centre of Athens in part 2.

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