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Let's start with the basics. Vintage and retro are two different things. A vintage store is where you look for new or used items dating roughly from the 20s through to the 80s, while anything before that time is usually known as an antique. Retro(spective), on the other hand, is what imitates the style of another era. Athens has it all! If you are looking for new, used, or repurposed clothes, accessories, or objects, all you need to do is go to the right place. We took a walk round vintage Athens and here's what we found:

Preloved – If you've always wanted that BB dress or envied the outfits of Charlie's Angels, Preloved is where you'll find exactly what you have been searching for. Women's clothing and accessories sorted by color, casual or extravagant, with prices starting at 8 euros. 20 Asklepiou St., Kolonaki, 211 7052680

Yesterday's Bread – In spite of its name, Yesterday's Bread imports directly from the Netherlands the freshest in vintage and second-hand apparel. Gorgeous 60s dresses, old fashioned men's suits and a veritable paradise of Converse sneakers, starting at 17 euros. And don't forget: there are special offers to be found on anything that doesn't sell soon enough. 87-89 Kallidromiou St., Exarcheia, 210 8811233

Mofu – It stands out for its stunning collection of vintage, mid-century, and retro furniture and objects. Explore its rare treasures from the 50s, 60s, and 70s, from Europe and the States, spruce up your home and make your friends green with envy! While there, make sure you check out the wallpapers as well! 28 Sarri St., Psyrri, 210 3311922,

Liotropia – If you reminisce about the days of the good old turntable and the clear sound of vinyl, then you absolutely must pay this joint a visit: here is a seemingly endless stock of cassettes and LPs – in mint condition – by countless Greek artists from which to choose. 35 Themistokleous St., Exarcheia, 210 3843174

Mimis – Whether for General Macarthur's aviator sunglasses, famed Jackie O frames, or something more in the style of Kavafy's or Hadjifotiou's signature spectacles, you need to go to the source: the legendary Mimis. With thousands of pairs to choose from and prices ranging from 10 to 40 euros, there is no way you are leaving without the pair of your dreams. 1 Kaningos and Gladstonos St., Kaningos Square, 210 3832431

Retrosexual Vintage Shop – “revisiting the past inspires the future”: that's the motto that has made Retrosexual one of Athens' favorite vintage coves. Its collection features original design that covers the better part of the twentieth century, from the 20s through to the 90s, all in excellent shape. Nota bene: you can both buy and rent! 3 Aghias Eirinis St., Athens, 210 5451553,

Troc – It has been around for over thirty years and is by now a classic choice among the city's vintage stores community. Troc holds many treasures: from antique jewelry and Victorian gowns to folk costumes, leather accessories, and objects for the home and boudoir! Haggling is advisable. 39 Dim. Soutsou, Mavili Square, 210 6442520

Paliosinitheies – Furniture, luggage, rugs, home décor, and many, many more: each piece has a story to tell, and is patiently awaiting a new life at the hands of a new owner. It helps to secure your right over your intended purchase, otherwise you run the risk of finding it labeled “unavailable”. 8 Protogenous St., Psyrri, 210 6560574

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