Ride a bike

In recent years the number of cyclists on the streets of Athens has increased. Commuting by bike is gaining in popularity, especially now that the price of petrol rockets higher and higher everyday. The City Council has pledged to create an extensive cycling lane network and up to four bikes are allowed on the last coach of the Athens’s Metro.  

At the same time, touring Athens on bike is one of the latest trends. The motto is: “You see more on a bike, you enjoy a lot more…”. We have tested some of the city centre’s bike rental shops, most of which are –not surprisingly– located close to pedestrian walkways. 

Acropolis Bikes

Offering mainly quality German bikes for €3 per hour, €10 for four hours, €15 per day and €25 for two days. If you’d like to keep the bike more days the charge is €7 per day. It’s worth trying one of their guided tours. 

 Aristidou 10-12  (+30) 210 3245793   www.acropolisbikes.gr 

Athens by Bike

A three-hour cycling in Athens will cost you €5. If you can manage to cycle for 6 hours you ’ll pay €8. The charge for a day’s rental is €12. Look out for discounts when you rent a bike for two or more days. The price includes a helmet, a safety lock and a city map. Option to book online and organised tours. 

Tzireon 16 & Athanasiou Diakou 117  (+30) 213 0423922  www.athensbybike.gr

Funky Rides

Bikes ideal for trekking, complete with all the necessary accessories: white light in front, red light at the back, three gears, for €9 for up to eight hours and €12 per day. 

 Dimitrakopoulou 1  (+30) 211 7109366   www.funkyride.gr

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