Maroussi has got it's own vegetable garden

The “farmers” come from socially vulnerable groups. In the Karelas estate there are small mounds and flower beds for growing vegetables, a small pond, herbs and a vineyard. This exemplary city vegetable garden is at Maroussi and on top of being a breath of fresh air is also helping a lot of families. It opened up a few weeks ago and is taken care of by families which use the products to meet their needs while part of the produce is available to the city's social grocery store and soup kitchen.

Fifty traditionally Greek fruit trees were planted, all bearing fruit in different times of the year, seven different grape varieties, climbing plants producing high nutritional value fruits, ten different herbs as well as a multitude of vegetables cultivated for their leaves, fruit, root system or even their flower.

Fresh vegetables were picked according to their compatibility with the area's micro climate and are surrounded by modern structures of plant wind breakers and compost areas.
We loved all the small sitting areas among the fields and the flower beds in this utterly magnificent city garden.
* The landscape gardening and structures were developed by expert scientists from Ecoscapes and the kind support of JT International, in collaboration with the services of Maroussi city council.

Karellas Estate, 29 Efkalipton, Maroussi 

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©Thanassis Karatzas

©Thanassis Karatzas