Cinema under the stars

Do not miss the opportunity to spend a lovely evening in one of the numerous open-air cinemas of Athens. Once the weather is warm enough, people of all ages choose to spend their evenings watching new releases or re-releases of older films under the starlit sky. Enjoy the best movies of the season in a one of a kind experience. Although most open-air cinemas are located in the centre of Athens, they are usually isolated gardens with trees. Indulge in your favourite cinema snacks and beverages along with cold summer drinks and beers and let the atmosphere guide you through the night.  More importantly, screenings will pose no language problem to foreigners: in Greece, films are not dubbed but subtitled.

Open-air cinemas began as an experiment in Athens in the latter half of the twentieth century and gradually became a trademark experience of the Athenian summer. The ticket price ranges between €7 and €8. With an additional amount of money you will be able to buy snacks and drinks of all kinds. Good news for smokers: smoking is allowed at all times. 

The most traditional open-air cinemas in Athens

Cine Psiri
Sari 40-44, Psiri,  (+30) 210 3212476

Cine Dexameni
Dexameni sq., Kolonaki,  (+30) 210 3623942

Zapion Garden, (+30) 210 3369370

Cine Paris
Kidathineon 22, Plaka, (+30) 210 3222071

Themistokleous 82, Exarchia, (+30) 210 3301020

Valtetsiou 46, Exarchia, (+30) 210 3837716

Charitos 50, Kolonaki, (+30) 210 7215717

Cine Thission
Apostolou Pavlou 7, Thissio, (+30) 210 3420864

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