Athens' Little Asia

East Pearl

Restaurant serving traditional Chinese dishes, where you can have a great meal.

Apollonos 2 & Nikis,+30 2103211218 €


Japanese, Vietnamese, Korean and Chinese cuisines come together in Nolan, where Greek ingredients are used to prepare the dishes. Chef the marvellous Sotiris Kontizas.

Voulis 31-33, +302103243545 €€


Decorated like traditional Japanese restaurants, Dosirak serves a combination of Japanese and Korean cuisine.

Apollonos 8, +302103233330 €

Attic Moon

Traditional Chinese restaurant serving traditional Chinese food.

Xenofontos 10, +302103227095 €


Serves sushi prepared from chef Antonis Drakoulakis. You can try matcha tea, and also Japanese whisky.

Skoufou 6, +302114078457 €


Prepares great Indian street food. Spicy dishes, and a lot of choices for vegetarians.

Nikis 11, +302103254841 €

Indian Kitchen

The name gives away what it’s all about. Simple, yet not exactly traditional Indian food is served here.

Apollonos 6, +302103237720 €


Traditional Chinese food, menus on iPads and great noodles are found at Jink.

Nikis 13, +302112159352 €

Noodle Bar

Tasteful classics of Asian kitchen, noodles, spring rolls and sushi can be found at Noodle bar.

Apollonos 11, +302103318585, €


Famous sushi bar, relatively cheap sushi and classic sushi appetizers. Dine outside when it’s hot.

Nikis 15, +302103211099 

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©Thanassis Karatzas

©Thanassis Karatzas