It is not the typical Greek island, Samothraki. It is a huge and imperious, lushly green mountain volume rising in the middle of northern-east Aegean, the beauty of it is unmatched. Springs, rivers, waterfalls, vast pine and plane forests slopping down to its crystal beaches, picturesque settlements such as Chora, Alonia Kamariotissa, Katsampas, Prifitis Elias, Lakkoma, Potamia. Samothraki remain untouched by the voracious growth met in other islands of Greece. Past and present coexisting in Samothraki like twin dimensions.

The highest peak of the great mountain Saos, is called “Feggari” (Moon) and it was the Sanctuary of the Great Gods, a site of significant archaeological interest as important religious ceremonies were taking place there during Hellenic and pre-Hellenic times. Palaiopolis, the remains of the ancient city and its walls on the north coast, as well as the site of Mesembria also present great archeological interest.  

The most famous “piece” of the island’s ancient past, however, is made of marble. Famous over the globe, the statue of “Niki”, known as the Winged Victory of Samothraki, is displayed today in Louvre, Paris.


Where to swim

On the southern side of the island, there is Pahia Ammos, one of the most favorable spots visitors rally at. The beautiful beach of Kipos makes a contrast with its rocky surrounding and its crystal waters. Vatos beach is also surrounded by rocks, but a taste of adventure you’ll get at the waterfalls of Gria Vathra.


Where to stay

At Kamariotissa, close to the port, you’ll stay at Aiolos Hotel (+30 41595, +30 41795), with a swimming pool among its accommodations. If you are more attracted by the vast green forests of the island, Mariva (+30 98230) and Agnanti (+30 98307) should be your top choices.


Where to eat   

The tavern of Klimataria, at Kamariotissa, serves amazingly cooked goat meat and great potatos. Under a natural shade at the local coffee shop-bar at Therma you can also try yummy delights and the island’s honey. At Chora you’ll find pancakes and casseroles, and you’ll get great ice creams and sweets at Leykos Oikos.

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