Visit Chora which is 3,4 kilometers from Karavostasi, the port. There you will find squares under large trees, one following the next, typical of Chora. You will also find Kastro, a beautiful Medieval settlement, the breathtaking cliff and the church of Panagia at the top of the hill above Chora. Walk along the alleys at Kastro. Its north side is built on the edge of a cliff. Watch the sunset from Panagia, the view is amazing. At the eve of the church's celebration all of the island climbs up there. There is a well organized path system (20 km long) you can walk along. Visit rural Ano Meria and the Folk Museum. The houses of Ano Meria  are standalone agricultural and animal farms called “themonies” There is no central square at Ano Meria. Take a boat from Karavostasi to the Chrysospilia and Faraggi grottos. Don't miss the 15th of August panigyri at chora. Tourists and locals dance together till morning.


Where to swim

Agkali: Come early and bring your umbrella, beach rackets, sunscreen and your children. Take a place at the second row in order to enjoy the “view”. At noon the smell from the calamari sizzling in the  taverns behind you will drive you wild. The beach is really crowded because it is only 3 km away from Chora (accessible by bus or car as well as by boat from Karavostasi). Going up and down by bus is a unique experience. You can find taverns and rooms to let at Agkali, since this is where you take a boat or a path to take you to beaches where you won't necessarily need a bathing suit: Agios Nikolaos, Fyra, Galifos, Livadaki.

From Karavostasi:Vardia, next to the port, easily accessible by a flight of stairs and shade provided by the huge rock. It is usually calm and there is a rock there perfect fro diving. Latinaki, Vitsentzou, Pountaki are the name of small beaches you will meet following the seafront road from the port to Livadi. Katergo is spectacular and you can reach it by boat. In the north of the island there are Serifiotika and Vorina but you have to climb a difficult path to get there.


Where to stay

Anemomilos(+30 41309), Vrahos (+30 41304), Pigados (+30 41395), traditional Kastro (+30 41230), Fata Morgana (+30 41237) with a beautiful pool, Kifines tou Aigaiou, which is recently refurbished and has the famous room with the “rock” (+30 41274), Belvedere (+30 41034), Folegandros (+30 41239), Fani Vevis (+30 41615), Anemoussa (+30 41077) and Paraporti (+30 41380) next to the bus stop . The island's camping is at Livadi and is very popular. At Karavostasi: Onar Suits, rooms with a view (+30 41017, +30 6944882394) just above Vardia.


Where to eat

If you prefer home cooking go to Piatsa (+30 41274). For local meats go to Kritikos (+30 41219). There are also Eva's Garden (+30 41110), Pounta (+30 41063) and Melissa (+30 41067). At Ano Meria go to Mimi's (+30 41377) for matsata (home made lasagna). You can find italian ice cream at Stefano's, breakfast and honey dumplings at night at Stratos'. Local foods: kalasouna, local cheese pie with souroto and onions and karpouzenia , sweet pie made of water melon, honey and sesame seeds.


Area Code: +30 22860

Police: +30 41249

Port Authority: +30 41530

Town Hall: +30 41285

First Aid: +30 41222

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