Bouzoukia is an exciting, original (and for visitors, undoubtedly exotic) experience of Greek performers singing live popular Greek music. You have to live through it to fully comprehend it: it is a uniquely Greek experience. As a longstanding tradition, it enjoys its own customs and rituals. There are three key components in bouzoukia: the carnations, hurled, as a celebratory gesture, by the cheering audience at the performers on stage; the piata (plates), occasionally smashed on the spur of the moment; and the exclamation of opa, which signifies the mounting excitement of the crowd. Notably, in the old days, the plates were made of plaster and led to some singers being injured. 

A new deal that helps boost the current popularity of bouzoukia are websites, such as and, where you can book your table online at a much better price. Booking a table for four persons is another economic way to enjoy this experience. Bear in mind that modern bouzoukia have incorporated aspects from many different genres, including folk, tsifteteli, euro pop, hip-hop and techno.

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