Milos is a wonderful island of Cyclades, it is mostly known for the statue of Venus de Milo (Aphrodite). Milos is also the island of lovers, the whole scene looks like a cart postal, beautiful colors, clean crystal waters, sandy beaches, ancient findings and charming taverns. 

Where to swim 
Milos is a volcanic island and it has more than 70 magical and unique beaches. Crystal clear waters, white rocks, a combination of wildness and kindness, you will find both organized and free beaches, and if you are more adventurous go to Sarakiniko beach. Sarakiniko is the most famous beach in Milos, the entire landscape formed by volcanic rocks and makes a nice contrast with the deep blue color of the sea. Kleftiko is one of the most photographed beaches with its impressive rock. Also, at the Old Sulfur Mines at Paliorema or the cave of Sykia. Safe options for families are the Ammoudaraki with its crystal waters, Agios Ioannis, Achivadolimni on the south side of the island, huge Papikinou and the organized Phiropotamos.

Where to stay
At Adamada: Ageri Milos (+302287021627), Santa Maria Village (, +302287021627), hotel Portiani (, +302287022940). A reasonable stay at the hotel Liogerma (+302287022300). At Paliochori stay at Artemis Deluxe Rooms (+302152154780) and the Palaiochori Studios (, +302287031267). At Pollonia: Anemoessa Studios (, +302287021528) rooms and studios by the sea and Melian Hotel & Spa (+302287041150). If you are a camper set up your tent next to the waves of Achivadolimni beach at the loveable Achivadolimni Camping of Milos (+302287031410). For charming, traditional with a Cycladic style rooms stay at Ta Glarakia (+302287023969) or at Aphroditi tis Milou (+302287022020). 

Where to eat
Adamantas: At Navagio (+302287024124), opened 30 years ago but this year is brand new again, by the sea, modern Meditteranean cuisine including fresh fish. Chef Kostas Papaioannou and his excellent creations some of the specialties are: Tartar of fresh fish, tuna sevicce and fry with traditional pasta. Meat could not be missed from his menu, try also traditional pies and sweets. At Alevromilos (+302287023117), young chef Vasilis Papikinos from Milos cooks excellent traditional recipes all made from topic products (sometimes with some variations) don’t miss out his best plate gurlic-lasagne. 
At Achivadolimni you must eat at the Taverna of the Achivadolimni Camping (+302287031410), enjoy fresh breakfast early in the morning, all homemade, cheese pies, traditional pitarakia and bread. Don’t miss out the following plates : pastitsio, mousaka and granny’s spicy meatballs. 
In Provata, go to Tarantella (+302287031346) is a wonderful beach bar & wine restaurant where you can enjoy fantastic medditarenean tastes. 
At the beach of Lagada try medditarenean and Italian tastes, combine your pizza with a special cocktail at Aragosta (+302287022292). At Paliochoriou beach go to Sirroco (2287031201) with the magnificent view, try delicious treats cooked in the sand in big casserols, lobsters and fresh fish. For a chill dinner or lunch go to the courtyard of Oh Chamos (+302287021672). 
In Tripiti go to Erginas restaurant (+302287022524) for your lunch or dinner while enjoying the magnificent sunrise, you will find traditional plates. At the romantic Bariello (+306984218360) eat delicious burger and cheesecake. 
In Polonia Enalion (+302287041415) is everybody’s favorite spot and at Giallos (+302287041208) you will be lucky enough to taste lobster with spaghetti and fish. If you are at the north side of the island try the traditional tavern Medousa at Mantrakia (+302287023670), enjoy delicious plates in front of the sea. Plates of Milos that you must try are pitarakia, tomato fritters, cheese fritters (from topic cheese), flaounakia, watermelon pies, spoon sweet with sweet squash, honey and almonds.

Where to have fun 
In Milos the atmosphere is really romantic and the bars are closing a bit after the midnight but you don’t have to worry because there are many other noisy bars around where you can have fun and enjoy your drink or cocktail till the early hours. For jazz nights, cocktails and magical sunrises go to Outopia (+302287023678) at Plaka, also at En Plo (+302287023124) for a romantic full moon moment or an early breakfast with ice cream. In Pollonia at Hanabi Seaside Sushi (+306945550838), for a unique sushi experience by the sea. 

Extra tips 
You must visit the Sand Museum and see artworks, paintings and other creations all made of sand from all over the world with a multitude of colors. Don’t miss out the experience to see from the microscope the magical world of sand. The Geologist Asteris Paplomatas from Thessaloniki has made an excellent work on the art of sand.(Plaka,2287023828, )

Area Code: +30 22880

Police: +30 21378

Port Authority: +30 23360

Town Hall: +30 22873 60100

First Aid: +30 22873 60000

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