Swim safe in Attica

Lifeguard school teachers Georgia Tsougani and Theologos Terziadis share their tips for safe swimming in the beaches of aTTICA.

1 Attica's beaches are generally safe with no strong currents or prospects of tsunamis. Nevertheless, it's wise to ask a lifeguard or a local for advice before entering the sea. 

2 When the orange flag flies high on the tower, it means that the lifeguard is on duty (10:30-17:30). A red flag, however, indicates that the lifeguard is off duty. So take care! 

3 Given the ozone hole threat, it's advisable not to sunbathe between the hours of 12:00 and 16:00. In any case, DO NOT forget your sunscreen.

4 At beaches with watersports, always swim clear of the marked corridors designated for speedboats. It's also important not to swim close to the marine buoys. 

5 July and August are the months when the meltemia (strong winds) blow, especially in the Aegean Sea. Try to avoid north-facing beaches when the winds are gusting.

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