Fashion... made in Greece

A typical summer day downtown Athens: Ermou Street, Athenians heading casually to their everyday chores or their window shopping routine while the blend of tourists in the crowd enjoys their walks on one of Europe’s biggest shopping streets. Some wearing hats, others, more adventurous don’t. They all have a bottle of water in their hands rubbing the cold surface on their forehead or waving any kind of brochure they have handy in front of their faces. Summers in Athens are getting hotter. If they only had…grandma’s delicate fan. Natasha Dourida, a young civil engineer “reinvents” the everlasting and feminine summer accessory to fit the hip yet absolutely elegant character of a bustling urban landscape. Selected light materials, inspiring fabric motifs, stubbornness, love and creative passion are all it took for Dida fans to emerge. You can get your own here / find Dida at

In a world of endless fashion options and fashion-influencer frenzy there is always some fashion wisdom words you can rely on: just a single accessory can spice up your style. Whether you are the classical look type or girl or the minimal, whether you fancy neutral or extravagant, a little black dress or a simple t-shirt and jeans, stick to your style and personality and let a RADEL pair of earrings do the rest. Designer Rania Dela bends the rules of geometry to create wearable statements of high-fashion, contemporary chic. Her earrings made by plexiglass in strict geometric shapes, with intense colors and in variable sizes, exude striking elegance and flatter your fashion philosophy. Available at @radel.

Established in 1960, the Savapile handmade hats’ workshop is still on the same narrow alley of Psyrri neighborhood, where Lisa creates floppy dreams of “straw”. Lisa Sariyiannidou, the passionate chapelier modiste, took the reins of herfather’s business after he stood down in 2011, determined to keep the legacy of his craftsmanship alive and flourishing. Apart from the straw hats, Savapile’s reputation grew for its naval caps, commonly known as “the Zorba hat”. However, the undisputed trademark of Savapile is the oversized hats, staples of summer and female allure that Lisa sews in her sewing machine. Savapile, 14, Agias Eleousis str., Psyrri, 210 3217.087, @savapile

Lazing on a terrace or strolling around the city streets looking up towards the sky, a distinctive pattern dominates your horizon: the awnings on the balconies; green, orange, white, blue, with stripes or flower motifs, some new, some old and worn-out or torn by the wind, the rain or time, but still at place. A piece of canvas reflects the very texture of urban reality. The Athenian awnings have been an integral part of the city’s architecture, its trademark. 3QUARTERS turned this unique trademark into fashionable handmade handbags. Yarifallia is an architect and her brother Yiannis, a photographer. They bicycle, recycle and upcycle. Out of pure city-loving concern, they decided a dive into the world of design, fashion and art they both serve in their own way. Reuse, redefine, redesign. There is beauty in everything, throw nothing away. The message is clear. The result: beautiful, one-of-a-kind handbags made by old awnings’ canvas. 3QUARTERS, 19 Agiou Dimitriou str., Psyrri

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