Day Trip: Epidaurus & Nafplio

Within less than a two-hour drive from Athens the Argolis peninsula runs south of the Corinth Canal in a scenic sweep of mountains, valleys and coastal resorts. Attractions such as Agamemnon’s fortress at Mycenae, the great theatre of Epidaurus and the elegant city of Nafplio draw big crowds of tourists all year round. 


Neolithic Mycenae 

Founded between two high hills, on a  plateau dominating the Argive plain and controlling both the land and sea routes Mycenae was the kingdom of mythical Agamemnon.This region is one of the longest occupied in Greece with evidence of Neolithic settlements. The myths related to its history have inspired poets and writers over many centuries, from the “Homeric epics” and the great tragedies of the Classical period to contemporary literary and artistic creation. The site was uncovered in 1874 by the German archaeologist Heinirich Schliemann who also excavated the site of Troy. You can enter the citadel of Mycenae through the famous Lion Gate, which takes you to the interior of the Acropolis. 


Centre Stage at Epidaurus 

Thousands of theatre lovers flock the stunning ancient theatre of Epidaurus every summer during the annual  Festival. Built around 330-320 BC the 14,000 seat theatre still amazes with its extraordinary acoustics. The shrine to Asklepius, god of medicine and healing, often overshadows the theater’s magnificence. It was built during the 6th century BC. Palea Epidaurus is the closest beach resort. 


Nafplio, the first capital 

Modern architecture hasn’t spoiled the old town of Nafplio, which is a feast for the eye. It was the first capital of the Greek State in the early 1830s. Here the first president of Greece, Ioannis Kapodistrias, was assassinated. It was also the first residential place for the young Bavarian Prince Otto, first king of the country.  The Old Town is lovely, with old mansions and paved paths. The town’s twin fortresses of Palamidi and Akronafplia were key military flashpoints during the War of Independence. The Venetian influence is felt everywhere. 


Where to swim 

Karathonas, the closest proper beach to Nafplio, plus the beaches of Tolo and Kastraki, southeast of Nafplio, which offer several amenities. 


How to get there

The trip from Athens takes about 2 hours (147 km)

The coaches of KTEL depart Athens from Terminal A in Kifissos central bus station 



Monday till Friday  06:15-21:30 Saturday  07:30-21:00

Sunday and Holidays  07:30-22:30 



Monday till Friday 

09:00-11:30 via Nafplio-16:20

Saturday 09:00-11:30 via Nafplio-16:20 

Sunday and Holidays 09:00-11:30 via Nafplio-17:20



(+30) 27520 27323-27423 

Nafplio Bus Station (+30) 27520 27323

Nafplio Tourist Office (+30) 27520 24444

Nafplio Port (+30) 27520 22974

Nafplio Hospital (+30) 27520 2730

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