Athens: authentic handmade ice cream at Le Grecche

I first bumped into this cute gelateria last summer after a crazy night out, craving for something sweet to soothe my early morning appetite. Little did I know when I faced Evie's homey establishment of authentic handmade ice cream in downtown Athens.

Le Grecche first opened back in July 2014, sourcing 100% authentic good quality ingredients (mostly from local producers) serving delicious ice cream scoops! Having run a decent course in major food publications in Greece, Evie created Le Grecche purely out of her love for good taste.

Recently, the team got bigger opening a new establishment in Psychiko. Although both outlets offer other pastries as well, ice cream is king. Raw materials are ever so present in each of the flavors - pavlova, tiramisu, pistachio -to the point where Evie doesn't produce any if she simply can't find the right material.

My greatest ambition is to found an ice cream school so that I can teach the art of ice cream making to young people. To create a good team that will produce the best ice cream we've ever eaten! - Evie, founder of Le Grecche

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