5 spots in Athens that don't feel like Athens

Places and spots in Athens that give you the feeling you are in another country. With a little bit of imagination you can enjoy the many aspects of this city.

1. Lake Beletsi

Fancy a trip to Austria? In an unusual journey just outside Athens, in a beautiful forest at Ippokratios Politia, you will find lake Beletsi. This lake brings to mind Grüner See, the green lake, in Austria, with wonderful green reflecting, clear waters. Perfect spot for a short trip. Get your pick-nick basket ready, your cameras, a nice play-list and head north. You might even enjoy the company of some beautiful swans... 

2. Little Italy at Kifissia

If we had to choose the perfect spot for shopping, the one that makes you feel you are in Rome or Milan that's the centre of Kifissia. The buildings housing some of our favourite stores are spectacular, the cappuccino you can enjoy here unique and some of the finest Italian restaurants make the area irresistible. Even the quiet Kifissia streets have an Italian aura, transporting you mentally for a little while to our neighbouring country.

3.  A Tower, another country, another era

There are several dark stories hidden within the walls of this particular tower castle. The castle of the Duchess of Plaisance, the residence of French-American Sophie de Marbois Lebrun, is a time travel machine to the previous century and rural England. The castle is situated at Pendeli and is accompanied by a semi-finished tower and the Duchess's resting place. This mansion at Pendeli, otherwise known as the Castle of Rododafni, will allow you to wander back in time. Find out about it's stories and enjoy summer time concerts at the beautiful courtyard.

4. Enzzo de Cuba

Take a turn East from the city center, only a short distance away and you will find yourself at the other side of the world, all the way to exotic Cuba. At Agias Paraskevis str. 70, at Peristeri there is Enzzo de Cuba. It is colourful with playful lights, palm trees magical surroundings and music that makes your feet move on their own to the rhythm of danzόn, mambo and cha-cha-cha. This is a classic bar where it feels like Cuba mainly due to its people who feel completely and utterly Cuban.

5. Have you ever been to Narnia...?

Next and final stop is an exceptional place that only brings to mind wonderful images and thoughts of beautiful places elsewhere in this world. The Athens National Garden. The feeling is unique and you can even convince yourself you are in a magical place, away from everyday life. It is a kind of personal Narnia, a dream forest in everyone's head. The beauty of the nature here, the huge green trees and a rainbow of flowers will make you, even for a minute, believe in magic. In Narnia you could enter through a closet door, here you have only to cross the iron gate leading to this wonderful garden.

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