Milos 2020

By Sreesha Ghosh


Municipality: +30 22 8736 0100
Police Station: +30 22 8702 1204
Port Authority: +30 22 8702 3360
Healthcare Center: +30 22 8706 000

One of the most fascinating, yet entirely underrated Grecian gems—Milos—is a volcanic Cycladic island located in the Aegean Sea. Perhaps Milos is best known for where it so luminously belongs in the history of art—both Venus de Milo (now in the Louvre) and the Asclepius of Milos were found on the island—but it actually boasts much more than that. When it comes to the travel marketplace, Milos is often overlooked in favour of its more glamorous neighbors, Santorini, Mykonos, Folegandros, but none of them encompass the astonishing spectacle of colour and form that Milos does. The true gem of the Aegean, Milos is considered to be the island of lovers—with landscapes that look like they came right out of a postcard, powerful shades of blue and white, clean crystal waters, sandy beaches and charming taverns, it is as stunning as the better known islands of the Cyclades, if not more.

Amongst its many virtues are some of the best beaches across the Aegean and the world, delectable seafood that melts in your mouth, a fascinating artistic history and due to its status as the overlooked Cycladic island, an isolation, peace and quiet that no other island can promise. Here’s all you need to know if you’re planning to be one of the lucky few who choose Milos.


Milos has over seventy beaches, each equally magically in its own right. With stunning blue waters and ridiculously soft sand, some of them are free and some organized. If you’re feeling more adventurous, we recommend going down to Sarakiniko, one of the most famous beaches in Milos. Formed from volcanic material, the narrow blue bay stands in sharp contrast to Sarakiniko’s bone-white rock, still against the water’s occasional eruption in a Dalí-style swirl. In terms of aesthetic, however, Kleftiko takes the crown—considered to be the most photographed beach in Milos, it’s easy to understand why when you see it. With rocks whiter than snow, it makes for quite the spectacle.

If you have children or just don’t feel up to the challenge, consider slightly safer options instead like Ammoudaraki, Agios Ioannis, Achivadolimni on the souther side of the island, Papikinou or Phiropotamos. While its views are as stunning as any other beach on the island, the journey is a little easier. If you’re looking to swim, try the Old Sulfur Mine at Paliorema or the cave of Sykia.


Milos Accommodations (+30 69 7395 5538) is a travel agency offering a host of services that might be useful to you during your stay in Milos, including accommodative services—you simply need to make a reservation via their online portal by choosing a place to stay from a number of luxurious, yet affordable rooms and hotels available all around the island.

Of course, above and beyond that, some of the best Milos hotels and guesthouses tend to be located in Pollonia—the intimate Tania Milos (+30 22 8704 1062), the classical Melian (+30 22 8704 1150) and the absolutely gorgeous Salt (+30 22 8704 1110). Just outside Adamas and close to Papikinou Beach are the Santa Maria Luxury Suites (+30 22 8702 8123) that is also highly recommended. If you’re looking for something even more luxurious, Serendipity (+41 07 8700 8587) has private villas and mansions on several islands, with concierge services and personal chefs.

Lastly, Airbnb has a number of excellent options as well.


  • Explore the Aegean’s culinary treasurers at Mikros Apoplous (+30 22 8702 4207) to a stunning backdrop of the waters. The secret? Fresh fish brought in daily at sunrise by local fishermen. Before you leave, don’t forget to try the wine list and some rather intriguing homemade desserts.
  • Akrotiri Seafood Obsession (+30 69 7687 7548) works with local fishermen to bring in fresh seafood on a daily basis straight from the clear waters of the Aegean Sea. They are then cooked and served according to island tradition, but not before a few gastronomical twists from the young and ambitious chef and owner, Zacharias Batzakas.
  • Few other mistakes would be quite as unfortunate as one of visiting Milos and skipping Alevromilos (+30 22 8702 3117). This restaurant, located in Parasporos, serves a rather unique cuisine—one based on imaginative dishes from all around the Cyclades, cooked from fresh raw materials and made into fascinating culinary combinations by chef Vasilis Papakinos.
  • At Paliochoriou Beach, Sirroco (+30 22 8703 1201) is an absolute must-visit. The menu features authentic regional favorites, staple Greek cuisine dishes, fresh seafood as well as quality meat cuts skillfully cooked on hot sand.
  • Hanabi Seaside Sushi (+30 22 8704 1180) offers a unique sushi experience by the sea. Open from early in the morning for coffee and brunch, Hanabi is best known for its classic sushi rolls, extraordinary signature rolls by the chef and a powerful fusion kitchen menu.
  • Glaronissia (+30 22 8702 3480) offers authentic regional cooking out of a bountiful menu. Set to the stunning backdrop of crystal sea waters, Glaronissia also makes for an ideal venue for events and wedding parties.
  • If you’re at Achivadolimni, the Achivadolimni Camping Tavern (+30 22 8703 1410) is an excellent choice.
  • In Provata, Tarantella (+30 22 8703  1346) is a quality beach bar & restaurant.
  • At the beach of Lagada, Aragosta ((+30 22 8702 2292) offers delectable Mediterranean and Italian cuisine.


Although most bars close soon after midnight, there are a few that stay open until the early hours of the morning. For jazz nights, cocktails and magical sunrises, go to Outopia (+30 22 8702 3678) at Plaka. For romance, or an early breakfast with ice cream, go to En Plo (+30 22 8702 3124). Either way, you’re bound to have a memorable night.


  • The Sand Museum is a fun activity to do—see artworks, paintings and other creations made of sand from all over the world with a multitude of colors!
  • The hidden gems of Milos are its colorful fishing villages. In these picturesque villages, you’ll find little whitewashed houses with colorful shutters and boat garages. Pop over to the villages of Klima and Firopotamos and travel back in time!
  • Milos welcomes everyone, but it is particularly popular with couples, which find in the serene natural landscape of Milos the perfect setting for their romantic getaways. If you and your significant other are looking for the right destination this summer, Milos is highly recommended!

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