Your ultimate guide to Greece

The best things to do selected by the Athens Voice team

They adorn Athens' city walls, buildings, statues, almost everywhere possible

Where to buy fresh produce

Foustanella, the traditional pleated kilt of Greece

The lifeblood of Greek society

The largest and most important port of Greece

 This form of small business has changed over time

Open-air cinemas: a trademark of the Athenian summer

A monument in honour of the founder of the nearby Theatre of Dionysus

It represents a number of different periods of Athenian history

Visitors of the city share their impressions

Cine Paris. Together with Cine Thission, the most celebrated outdoor cinema of Athens.

Every Friday afternoon you will come upon an impressive sight outside Thissio Metro station: hund

Large and luxurious, located opposite the Temple of Zeus

Hi-tech, sophisticated and sleek

Healthy, tasty burgers made from organic ingredients

Ideal for business lunches


Open till dawn, with groovy music

Well-known and beloved jazz club

Style does matter and this is the real thing

It is always intriguing to find objects you could “invest” your money in