Your ultimate guide to Greece

The best things to do selected by the Athens Voice team

The bright side of quality Greek music

Foustanella, the traditional pleated kilt of Greece

They adorn Athens' city walls, buildings, statues, almost everywhere possible

A Greek improvisational dramatic solo dance for men

Shop and chill down along its pedestrianised streets

Headbanging in Athens

They are daring, vocal and determined to show that Athens is a bike-friendly capital

Around the world in 10 restaurants

Explores the Asia Minor campaign, the Balkan Wars and the Greek forces in Korea

A monument in honour of the founder of the nearby Theatre of Dionysus

This is how the GNTO created a demand among international travellers for the emerging Greek tourist product

"I Orea Hellas" (Beautiful Greece), in the Greek Cultural Centre, inside the Pandrosou Gallery.

See a virtual preview of three Athens museums before arriving in Greece.

Conveniently located near Acropolis and Plaka, in a quite spot of the city

A heaven on earth for the compulsive shop-goer

Exquisite Mediterranean cuisine in a wonderful space that resembles a medieval castle

The only place in Athens with a combination of mostly organic food and calorie counts in the menu


It stands for “dance over thinking”

It has entertained numerous famous artists over the years

Beloved artistic jewellery gallery with a permanent showroom for Greek and foreign designers

Endless window shopping. Arty displays. Hermès.