Your ultimate guide to Greece

The best things to do selected by the Athens Voice team

A fusion of Turkish and Greek music

Greeks love to smoke

They adorn Athens' city walls, buildings, statues, almost everywhere possible

The traditional Greek charm

There are many restaurants in Athens which, with the first rise in temperatures, bring their tabl

Hip bars and cafes at the heart of the city

Eating like a native Athenian

Have a break and satiate your appetite

Devoted to the historical development of the art of jewellery

One of the world’s oldest theatres

This is how the GNTO created a demand among international travellers for the emerging Greek tourist product

Every Friday afternoon you will come upon an impressive sight outside Thissio Metro station: hund

See a virtual preview of three Athens museums before arriving in Greece.

Elegant boutique hotel at a great location near the historical centre of Athens

Internationally synonymous with elegance and comfort

Enjoy delicious Mediterranean dishes under the stars

The only place in Athens with a combination of mostly organic food and calorie counts in the menu


One of the city’s most beautiful art/bar spaces


The new alternative meeting point for the ever-wandering youth

The ultimate style thoughout the day

A tribute to vintage